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Certified Esthetician

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1-skin tag ($75),
3-skin tags ($200),
5-skin tags ($300). 

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Jeannie Chung

Certified Esthetician

With over a decade of experience in skincare treatments, Jeannie is a trusted certified Esthetician and a graduate of BM Chan International Cosmetology College.

Jeannie prioritizes safe and natural remedies for skincare, affordable and fast results in cosmetic treatments, and making your experience as pain-free and as "non-scary" as possible.

About Us

Our Clients

Carol D.

I have hundreds of skin tags and keratosis moles, mainly on my neck (it's genetic). Jeannie removed the ones of my neck and I couldn't be happier! The area has healed very well and I don't feel I have to hide my neck anymore. Jeannie is very personable and friendly and her prices are very reasonable.

Paola WM

J & C Spa is run by a wonderful comestician Jeanne she's the best. Her customer service is outstanding and her place is clean. she's able to provide many service at great affordable prices. I have been going to J & C Spa for almost 2 years. I highly recommend it!


Marilyn Angelucci

I am very happy with Jeannie’s Facials and Pedicure’s. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very friendly and have been going to her for many years. She does excellent work and I have always been happy with the results. Her business is separate from her home and every is set up very nice. Very warm and cozy.

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