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About J&C Beauty Spa

Jeannie has been working as nail tech since her 20's, with over a decade of experience in manicure and pedicure treatments. Jeannie is also a professionally trained Esthetician from a well-known beauty school in Vancouver. She has been a Certified Esthetician for over 7 years now.


Also a dedicated mother of three, and one of the toughest things about running her business is the time you have to spend away from your children. In order for her to achieve being a super mom and a business owner, She opened a at-home beauty spa that allows her to do both. At J&C Beauty Spa, you’ll be provided a clean, comfortable and personal environment where you can truly relax. Instead of juggling several clients in the spa at once,


"My mission is to provide you with a peaceful experience where you are given the one-on-one attention and care that you should expect from your Esthetician. A perfectionist at heart, my strongest value lies in providing you the best quality work I can possibly deliver :)"

- Jeannie Chung 

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